Sunday, 23 November 2008

Day 217: End of Week 3

Christmas Challenge Day 21

Wow 3 weeks gone already. So in 3 weeks I have a glass and a half of wine and that was because it was a special occasion. I have still not had any crisps however which is great.

The end of this week has not seen perfect nutrition by any means so I will need to be extra good next week prior to my Christmas party especially as due to a combination of the weather and having loads of things to do today I was unable to go for a run.

Stat again tomorrow so we will see what has happened this past week with only 1 week to the halfway point.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Day 216: Nice Night

Christmas Challenge Day 20

Last night we had a lovely meal at the hotel, I did have a glass and a half of wine but I think I was sensible and did not go overboard. I shall not drink tonight so everything remains in moderation. I think I have walked a lot of miles today as well so I am sure that I burnt the extra calories off even though it was my cheat meal.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, 21 November 2008

Day 215: Good Weights Session

Christmas Challenge Day 19

Quick post today as I am off for the night to a hotel with my wife the Christmas shopping tomorrow. Had a great weights session today and Abs session. Still adding a bit of extra weight to the exercises which is great.

Until tomorrow...

Day 214: Changes

Christmas Challenge Day 18

I am starting to seeing almost daily changes now in my body as the training and nutrition are starting to take full effect. Still no alcohol or crisps which I am so pleased about. I am going way for part of the weekend with my wife and without the kids!! I still plan to stay true to my no alcohol however the nutrition my drop off slightly. I don't plan on going overboard by any means but I will use this as my cheat meal for the week.

Had a great sprint HIIT session today with the usual change in speeds. I once again left the 21st minute out but I swear that that machine is not calibrated and is faster than it says!!!

I then went on for 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the hand bike and 5 mins on the cross trainer with a total calorie burn of around 600 which is awesome.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Day 213: SUN

Christmas Challenge Day 17

Yesterday was not a good day for me personally hence a missed day for blogging. Also due to a trip to the office I did not manage to get in a workout what with the travelling and the kids after school clubs and also being absolutely exhausted. However I had a great day with regards to nutrition which was spot on.

Today I had a great 8k run in a pretty good time as it was a really nice day here. Will fit a HIIT session in tomorrow at the gym and then finish the week off with another weights session.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, 17 November 2008

Day 211: The Start of Week 3 and New Body Stats

Christmas Challenge Day 15

Another week starts and I feel fitter, healthier and more full of energy. No alcohol, crisps, snacks or sweets for 2 weeks. I have had 2 cheat meals, one each week. No major cravings which is great news too.

Took my body stats again today and was pleased by the results.

This is a complete list of stats since I started measuring them but this last week has seen a very small drop in weight only 0.2 kgs but a huge drop in BF, I think 1.7%. So I have lost a lot of fat and put on a lot of muscle. As I said last week though these results can fluctuate a lot so I am still not reading too much into the weekly results but just pleased to see a continued decrease of the figures.

I hurt my neck and shoulder at the weekend but am pleased to say that it feels fine today even after a heavy weights session today. Still managed to lift some heavier weights. All 4 sets of 10 barbell curls were at 16kg per arm today.

Office tomorrow so very early start, not sure when I will fit in a workout but I will try my hardest.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Day 210: End of Week 2

Christmas Challenge Day 14

2 weeks under my belt now and still no alcohol which is great. Had a nice cheat meal today, Chinese takeaway but did not go too overboard. Had a great 5k run and went swimming with the kids too. Off to bed now.

Until tomorrow...